Site Statstics/Page view or Site Hit Counter now available in blogger

A good news for Bloggers. We used to use third party Widgets or Hit Counters to show Site Statistics or Page Views in blogger. These Hit Counters are very much unreliable as sometimes they become unavailable thus not counting the Total Page View accurately.

We have a solution to this problem from blogger now. Blogger has introduced a new Widget called Blog's Stats. Using this widget, you can show total page view of your blog in your site. You can show All Time, last 30 Days or last 7 Days data. Also, you have different styles and animations.

To add blogger Blog's Stats to your blog, follow below steps:
1. Go to Design of your blog.
2. Click on "Add a Gadget" at the location you want Blog's Stats Widget
3. Click on Blog's Stats
4. Customize your view and Save.


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