How to send Jackpot Question's Answer to KBC5

Here are all the methods by which you can send your Answer for Jackpot Question to KBC5.

For IDEA Subscribers:

Dial 55456 ’11′ for Option A
Dial 55456 ’12′ for Option B
Dial 55456 ’13′ for Option C
Dial 55456 ’14′ for Option D

For BSNL Landline Subscribers:

Dial 505 2525 ’11′ for Option A
Dial 505 2525 ’12′ for Option B
Dial 505 2525 ’13′ for Option C
Dial 505 2525 ’14′ for Option D

All other subscribers:

Send your answers by SMS to 5252525

BSNL mobile subscribers can send SMS to 52525
Similarly IDEA subscribers can SMS their answers to 554567

To answer Jackpot question by SMS, type ‘KBCQ’ answer (your option A/B/C/D) and send it to 5252525.
For example if your answer is option A, then SMS KBCQ A to 5252525.


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