Part -1: Secret behind our beloved Sonia G

Part -1: Secret behind our beloved Sonia G

Sonia Gandhi our beloved Scam Queen Sonia G, who got Bharat in her ‘Muh Dikhayi’ is an alien, widow of the late Rajiv Roberto Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi (born on 9 December 1946) is an Italian-born Indian politician. She is currently the President of the Indian National Congress Party, Chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance in the Lok Sabha and the leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party. She is the longest serving president of the Congress party.

She was named the third most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine in the year 2004 and was ranked 6th in 2007.

In 2010, Sonia G ranked as the ninth most powerful person on the planet by Forbes Magazine.

She was also named among the Time hundred most commanding people in the world for the years 2007 and 2008.

The British magazine New Statesman listed Sonia Gandhi at number 29th in their annual survey of “The World’s 50 Most Influential Figures” in the year 2010.

Now lets read the three lies about her..

Years ago Ms. Sonia Gandhi’s background was publicized by Congress Party, which was based on three lies to hide the ugly reality of her life.

1.    Her real name is Antonia not Sonia. The Italian Ambassador in New Delhi revealed this in a letter dated April 27, 1983 to the Union Home Ministry which letter has not been made public. Antonia is Sonia’s real name in her birth certificate. Sonia is the name given to her subsequently by her father,late Stefano Maino following his return from Russia where he had been a prisoner of war. Stefano had joined the NAZI ARMY as a volunteer.

Sonia is a Russian not Italian name. While spending two years in a Russian jail, Sonia’s father had become quite pro-Soviet; especially after the liberating US army in Italy had confiscated all fascists’ properties including his.

2.    She was not born in Orbassano as she claims in her bio data submitted to Parliament on becoming MP, but in Luciana as stated in her birth certificate. She perhaps would like to hide the place of her birth because of her father’s connection with the Nazis and Mussolini’s Fascists, and her family’s continuing connections with the Nazi-Fascists underground that is still surviving since 1945 in Italy. Luciana is where Nazi-Fascist network is headquartered, and is on the Italian-Swiss border. There can be no other explanation for this otherwise meaningless lie.

3.     Sonia Gandhi has not studied beyond High School. She has falsely claimed in her affidavit filed as a contesting candidate before the Rae Bareli Returning Officer in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, that she qualified and got a diploma inEnglish from the prestigious University of Cambridge, UK.

The truth is that Ms. Gandhi has never studied in any college anywhere. She did go to a Catholic nun run seminary-school called Maria Ausiliatrice in Giaveno [15 kms from adopted home town of Orbassabo]. Poverty those days forced young Italian girls to go to such missionaries and then in their teens go to UK to get jobs as cleaning maids, waitresses and au pair. The Mainos were poor those days. Her father was a mason and mothers a share cropper.

Sonia thus went to the town of Cambridge and first learnt some English in a teaching shop called Lennox School [which has since 1970 been wound up]. That is all her “education” is—learnt enough English language to get domestic help jobs. But in Indian society education is highly valued. Thus, to fool the Indian public, Sonia Gandhi willfully fibbed about her qualifications in Parliamentary records [which is a Breach of Ethics Rules] and in a sworn affidavit [which is criminal offence under IPC, severe enough to disqualify her from being MP]. In popular parlance, this is called 420 or 10 “numberi” [not to be confused with 10 Janpath].

These three lies indicate that Ms. Sonia Gandhi has something to hide, or has a hidden agenda for India.

More about her will be continued in next blog…

Shameful Indian,
-K Himaanshu Shukla..

NOTE: The facts specified above are taken from internet and from the email of Dr. Subramanian Swamy( Janata Party), Scrutiny is not responsible for any Authenticity.

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