Forgiveness is probably the hardest thing we’ll ever attempt to do, but once we are able to let go the wrongs that have been done to us, it changes everything. My mom always says, forgiveness is one of the most beautiful expression of love, because it changes your relationship, your emotional makeup, your attitude and gives you a better life.

Most of the people believe that forgiving is a sign of weakness, but the fact is that it’s the sign of strength. You’re always a winner after forgiving, you don’t lose anything.  I called a few actors to find their views on forgiveness:

PUSHTIEE SHAKTI: For me forgiveness is bliss. It’s a door to peace and happiness. People say it’s very difficult, but I find it very easy. I forgive each and everyone who hurts me ‘unintentionally’. I don’t even remember when was the last time I forgave someone. When people ‘deliberately’ hurt me, I hurt them in such a way that they never ever dare to cross my path. I believe in forgiving but not forgetting.

GAURAV BAJAJ: Forgiving is a good job. It carries a lot of power and is like a blessing for a person who hurts you. I hardly get angry, and I take fraction of seconds to forgive. I don't believe in holding a grudge against anyone. I think if you want peace then you should know how to forgive.

PANCHI BORA For me forgiveness matters a lot and is very important tasks that need to be performed on regular basis. I said regular basis because every day so many people hurt you and you hurt so many people, so if you don’t forgive or seek forgiveness your life becomes stressful. Being a true capriconion I have an amazing memory of the tiniest detail so it is very difficult for me to forget, but I forgive easily.

SAMEER SONI: I believe in karma, what goes around comes around. When somebody cheats you, hurts you, then you must forgive and forget because God is watching and will punish him/her for their evil deeds. Mistakes happen and we also hurt others, so when somebody hurts me I forgive and move on. Why to hold grudges? Why to flatter anyone? Why to give importance to others?

ANUPRIYA KAPOOR: I have a very sensible reason for forgiveness. When we are wronged we can either respond by seeking revenge or we can forgive. I choose forgiveness; it allows me to move on. It’s like a gift which I always want to receive and give away. People who are very close to you mostly hurt the most and I cannot stay away from my family and friends so I forgive them. I feel satisfied when I forgive someone or seek forgiveness.

ADDITI GUPTA: It’s a human nature to do mistakes & when they do mistakes they regret, and when they regret they need forgiveness. But only a few people have guts to face the other person and say ‘Sorry’. When somebody hurts me & say ‘Sorry’ I forgive them but for me forgetting is not possible. I think even after forgiving a Black Space always remains in your heart. Every hurt teaches you a lesson, it’s good to forgive but when you forgot your giving another chance to the same person or to someone else to commit the same mistake again.

AASIYA KAZI: Like others I do believe in forgiveness. It vanquishes the pain and heals both the forgiver and the forgiven. At some point in our lives, we either have to forgive or get forgiven. I think it’s very easy to ask for forgiveness by saying 'I am sorry', but it’s very difficult to forgive others. I can forgive someone for a mistake or a deliberate hurt, but if that person repeats it again I teach him/her a good lesson.

RAKHI SAWANT: I love Jesus. Bible teaches us to love our enemies. Jesus’s plea from the cross shows-‘Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they do’. I do the same when somebody hurts me and if by mistake I hurt anyone then I immediately say sorry, sorry bolne se mai choti nahi hoo jaaugi na. Recently I was hurt when Kangana Ranawut said,” I will not kiss Mika for promotion because I am not Rakhi Sawant”.  I was deeply hurt, I cried but then later I forgave her. I am innocent, though I am always misunderstood and ridiculed. I am happy because my Jesus is with me.

SHALINI ARORA: Forgiving somebody is giving him/her a 2nd chance to change and make things better. But at the same time it is hard to forget, I do not keep the score and hold grudges against anybody. For me it’s much easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive people I love.

DRASHTI DHAMI: I do believe in it, it’s a crucial act of self healing, and self-empowerment. Once we decide to forgive somebody, there is a tremendous feeling of wholeness in thought and courage all moving in the same direction creating a powerful force for healing.  When a friend hurt me I forgive them easily, but I usually don't give too much importance to strangers when they hurt me. I apologize and I always say "I'm sorry" when I hurt someone or if I make a mistake.

All the actors said that they do believe in forgiving, but a few believe in ‘Forgiving but not Forgetting’.  Just by saying I forgive you is not enough, tree of bitterness will die and forgiveness will bear a fruit only if the soil around it i.e. the soil of the heart is soft enough for the fruit to grow in.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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