Wassup my couch potatoes!! How's your weekend?  I am suffering from the usual Monday blues right now and I’m still yawning in my office, feeling lazy to even lift a finger today. But since we love each other, I have to write this blog, so I lifted my fingers & pressing keyboard to give saucy yummy gossip.

Colors Uttaran is all set to take a leap of 6 years in next 2 weeks followed by 14 years leap within two months. All the leads will die post leap, yes my strawberry cupcakes you read it right they will die and rest in peace.

My Chuglu Pappu Da send me an email, “You know what I heard that Tapasya-Ichcha-Veer will die soon because they are not ready to became on screen mummy-pappa, uncle-aunty, chacha-chachi duhh. Creative team decided to kill the leads like  'Naa Aana Desh Ladoo', how heartless they are huhh, Uttaran waale Ladoo ki Uttaran copy karege”.

Nandish Sandhu and Rashami Desai’s cell phones are switched off as they went to Canada to attend Nandish’s brother marriage.(karlo karlo enjoy serial me marna to final hai)

Surprised Tina Dutta said, "OMG I am going to die on screen, its a news for me. Frankly speaking I don't have any idea about leap.” (Chal joothi joothi)

I tried to contact Ashvini Yardi, Head of Programming but she remained unavailable to comment.(incoming to free hoti hai fir phone kyun nahi uthaya)

I know this news will be the big shock for Uttaran fans, but we cannot do anything, even  immortal 206 years old BAA of 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Kahu Thi' said bid adieu and died during last episodes.

Now its lunch time, I am feeling hungry and I am gonna eat like a pig.

Bye byeees
-K Himaanshu Shukla

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