Nandish Sandhu & Rashami Desai, crispy toast of tinsel town..!

Nandish Sandhu and Rashami Desai are the main protagonists of Colors prominent show Uttaran, became the crispy toast of tinsel town.  They spent long hours together on the sets, and shared common likes and dislikes. They became good friends and started dating a year ago. Nandish proposed to his lady love on his birthday in an extravagance way which falls on Christmas Eve.  He hired a yatch, took Rashmi by surprise and in the middle of the sea he proposed her in front of their friends. Then few months later they had a marriage of blissful vows.

Nandish is from Rajasthan and did hotel management from Dehli, and then he shifted to Mumbai.  He used to spend hours observing himself in the mirror and always wanted to pursue a career in acting and dream about Lights-Camera-Action. “I worked with The Taj Hotel and then with a call center for a short period of time.  I distributed my pictures to some coordinators, after that I started receiving calls for modeling.  After seeing my snaps Balaji Telefilms called me for an audition for serial Kasturi. After the selection they called for the look test and here I thought that acting was my destiny”.

Rashami is a true Mumbaite, she was not good in academics but did a diploma in Travel & Tourism.  Acting was not a forte but she did many Bhojpuri films and finally made her debut on small screen in Pari Hoon Main for Star One. “My passion is dancing as I always wanted to be a choreographer. My second career option was to be an air-hostess but my mother’s desire was to see me as an actor. She always says that “God is going to grow you by giving you opportunities; you should try and become an actor”. I was initially not very interested in acting but then I gradually started loving it.”

As Rashami is passionate about her dancing, she learnt classical dance. After watching Rashami her guru insisted her to try her hand in Bhojpuri films. The schedules were not hectic in Bhojpuri Films so she decided to venture into acting along with her studies.

Here is some news for her fans who don’t know that Rashami’s original name was Shivani Desai, but she changed it after consulting her astrologer. “Shivani is the name which my father gave, but my mother was keen on having her daughter named Divya. I started my career in Bhojpuri films with the name as Divya Desai. My mother is a great believer in Astrology. One well known astrologer told that Divya is not good for my Television career, so I changed my name to Rashami.”

Unlike Rashami, Nandish does not believe in Astrology and has a quite different view, “I don’t believe in Astrology or numerology but my family believes in it.  Especially my mother and grandmother are very faithful and adherent sincere to Astrology.  My mother insists upon doing certain things on particular days, and I'd never say no to her. But personally I do not think God will fulfill our wishes when we follow specific rituals on specific days and time. I do believe in spirituality, but I'm not superstitious.

As a matter of fact Sandhu family and Rashami believe in astrology, but there kundlis were not matched before their marriage. “I think there is no need of matching the kundalis, as it does not guarantee for a happy married life.  I think if understanding is present in a relationship then there is no need of kundali milaan but yes, we will do it because my family and Rashami want to do that.

For Uttaran, Rashami did a lot of research before getting into the skin of Tapasya’s character. “Tapasya is a psychotic girl who can go to any extent to accomplish what she desires.  My sister is a psychiatrist she helped me to learn the psychology of Tapasya. It’s very difficult for me because I am exactly opposite of Tapasya.  Once a girl came to me and said Tapasya is like her, she forced her husband to marry her.  After that I realized the kind of jealousy I am portraying in Uttaran do really exist in real life.”

Nandish and Rashami met on the sets of Uttaran and gradually fell for each other. “I never thought that one day Rashami would be my wife. When we started working together, we used to talk professionally. Then we started hanging out as friends, we dined out together, did shopping and started spending a lot of time with each other. Then I realized that she is pretty cool girl to be with but it was definitely not love at first sight,” Nandish quips.

Rashami said, “I was quite disturbed and angry because someone sent me despicable messages. I was complaining about it to my father on phone. That was the first time I met Nandish.  Our first interaction was not that good and like Nandish said even I never thought that he will become my life”.
Nandish and Rashami became good friends after their onscreen marriage. They started dating each other and then secretly tied the knot in Gaziabad. Nandish’s family stays in Dholpur and most of his relatives are staying close to Gaziabad. They will get married in traditional way probably by the end of this year or early next year.

Nandish had a picture frame of his dream girl like Priyanka Chopra. When asked Nandish whether Rashami has the ideal qualities of his dream girl or not, he said “She is much better than what I expected. She understands all my problems and is very caring. As a daily soap actor she works day and night but still after such hectic schedules she pays full attention to our families.

Rashami is quite practical and doesn’t believe that her guy should be Prince Charming. "I never thought of love marriage and dreamt of qualities that my Prince Charming should definitely possess but yes I always wanted my life partner to be just like me. God blessed me with Nandish.  He is a gem of a person. He is very grounded, cultured and patient."

Like every television actor, Nandish also wants to try his luck in Bollywood. He said “Yes why not? But it’s very difficult to get a film until and unless you are very lucky or have a God father in the industry”.  But when Rashami is concerned, she is happy with the television scenario. She says “I do not plan things but if an opportunity comes, then I will surely say yes to Bollywood.  Television is mostly ruled by women and Bollywood is all about men.  If I do get a good break then I’ll try my best.”

They fight like school going kids and play pranks on each other.  Recently Rashami was unwell and her naughty hubby played a prank on her. Nandish gave her coconut shell filled with salted water which she immediately and happily took and started sipping the water. As she took few sips she realized that he played a prank on her, and with this they started fighting again. We left them to their cuddliness and love for each other.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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