Katrina and Ali Zafar are more than just friends?..

Actors never miss a beat when it comes to publicity. Singer-turned-actor Ali Zafar is looking to follow the same path. He is doing a film with Katrina Kaif and is trying to get extra close to her. Ali has been telling people that he's more than just friends with Katty.

The duo has been spotted hanging together while not shooting. Ali is trying hard to get close to the actress. Katrina being innocent does not realize Ali is trying to portray himself more than a friend. Ali keeps her company and always try to entertain her in between the shots.  Whole cast and crew of upcoming movie have noticed the change in Ali’s attitude.

While the Katty has no problem with Ali, people were saying Ali is just using Katrina’s fame to gain the publicity. 

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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