Do you think Television actors are compulsive liars?

A couple of days ago an article was published in a well known news paper that TV celebrities are habitual liars. They lie with a straight face.

I agree they do lie, they lie about their age, relationship status, they lie that they share cold vibes with their co-stars; they lie about their body enhancements, about their sexual orientation, about casting couch, about their struggle etc.

Well there is no one in the whole universe that could say, in all honesty and haven't lied on several occasions. Each and everybody lies including me and those who are reading this article.  It may only be WHITE lies, but everyone tells lies or OMITS THE TRUTH sometimes.

We lie when we are afraid of what would happen if we told the truth.  We start lying at around age of around 4 or 5, this first lying is not malevolent. But eventually children begin to use lying to get out of mess or get something they want.

Those lies by which we pretend to protect someone’s feelings are not a big deal at all and are known as WHITE LIES.   People who seem to feel compelled to lie about both the small and large stuff are pathological liars. They lie to protect themselves, look good, gain economically or publicly and avoid chastisement.

I called few actors and asked then “Do you think Television actors are compulsive liars?” Some of the actors refused to comment on it, may be because they fall in category of pathological liars. Here are the views of few actors:

Before entering in glamour world do actors take oath that they will never lie? No, then why they supposed to tell each and every personal thing in public. We are also a normal human being and don’t want anyone to access to our personal space. Life is not Sach Ka Saamna, we have to lie in some situations and we have full rights for it. 

Tell me the name of one person who does not lie. In my opinion, we all have to lie on certain unavoidable occasions. Those who claim that all TV actors are compulsive liars are themselves a big liar. I am an actor and I am here for work, no one has rights to peep in my personal life. When I don’t want to share something in public, people say I am a liar.

90% do it, but I fall in remaining 10%. I am not afraid of anybody. I don’t lie because I've got nothing to hide.  One of the actress said she is virgin,and she has two kids, bachche kya Big Bazaar ki sell me mile. All the girls are virgin in the industry, bullshit. Why people say casting couch does not exist in this industry. The film industry is full of liars and fakes; I am astonished why they hide the truth.

I don’t think so, no one is compulsive liar. But yes sometimes we have to hide something and it’s our right. It’s completely up to us what we want to make public and what not. If I hide my age then it will not cause any harm to anybody, but I point is that why would I tell how old I am? Even then Bollywood and Hollywood actors lie about their age, relationships and casting couch. Every human being has to lie in certain situations.

Yes some of the actors do lie, but it’s something personal to them. Whenever someone asks me some personal questions and I don’t want to share it I simple say NO COMMENTS.  Why to lie if we have the right to refuse to answer questions.

It’s a very strong statement, actors’ chamouflage the truth with diplomacy. It’s required in the glamour industry. For me a lie is not a lie if it does not harm anyone.

I think there should be some privacy, why would an actor make his personal life public. Every human being is a liar, we all lie in certain occasions so what’s the big deal when an actor hide his age or relationship status.

I completely disagree with the statement that ‘TV actors are compulsive liars’, every normal human being lie. Normal girl also hide their age, people do lie when they go for an interview they say they have offer from other companies. Just because TV actor’s life is more public there lies are highlighted. Judge actors by their work not by their personal life or lies. Kaam bolta hai boss.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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