"I cry at least once a day" : Anupriya Kapoor

Anupriya Kapoor well known as Taani from Star Plus' Tere Liye is on a break ever since her show went off air, currently she is enjoying with her family in Dehli.

 Here is the actor sharing what are last things in his list with us.

Last time you cried on screen?
I cried while shooting last episode of Tere Liye. Tere Liye is close to my heart, I felt extremely sad when the show went off air.

Last time you cried off screen?
I cry at least once a day, I cry when my nails break, when my brother does not give me remote. Yesterday I had a fight with my brother, then we patched up after 30 mins.

Who was your last crush?
My Uncle, he is my first and last crush. I wanted to marry him when I was a kid.

What was your last guilty indulgence?
One week ago. I am on diet and I asked my mother to bring something related to my diet from market, she forgot. I fought with my mother then I felt guilty.

What was your last dream about?
Last night I had a weird dream, I saw some half human and half animal creepy creatures, they killed my entire family members.

When was the last time you sang in the shower?
I am not a bathroom singer, I really enjoy listening to music.

When was the last time you felt angry?
5 minutes back, my mom is not at home and my brother asked me to cook something for him. I was feeling sleepy and I feel so angry towards him.

Last embarrassing situation?
1 week ago I went to Hyper city some fans followed me, they were murmuring she is Taani. I feel embarrassed when people come and ask to give autograph and click photographs.

Last rumour about you?
That I come late on sets, everybody knows that I reach at least before 15 minutes. I am over punctual.

Last person you would like to work within your last show or film?
No preferences.

Last status update on networking profile or last tweet?
I am not a tech savvy, I don’t have networking or twitter profile. I opened a Facebook account 2 years ago but then I deleted that account.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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