Great news for cooking experts, Once again, the world of Master Chef India is back with its Season 2. Master Chef India Season 2 auditions have been announced on official website and Star Plus Channel.

Master Chef India is a Cookery Reality Show on Star Plus hosted by Akshay Kumar. Master Chef India is a different type of show where ordinary people who have extraordinary cooking skills get a chance to win the title of Best Cook of India.

It’s a kind of reality show where ordinary people can participate throughout registration and auditions process.

MasterChef India Season 2 2011 Online Registration Details:

Filling a simple online form for participate in MasterChef India Season 2

Keep in mind to read rules and regulations of Master Chef India 2011 show while registering.

SMS Registration Format: Send an SMS typing MC to 57827 (For Auditions)

MasterChef India Season 2 auditions will be held in Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi, Amritsar and Kolkata. Find the below venue and time for MasterChef India 2011 auditions on Official website.

Delhi Auditions
23-Jun-11 Thursday
24-Jun-11 Friday
25-Jun-11 Saturday - Final Day (for selected candidates only)

Mumbai Auditions:
29-Jun-11 Wednesday
30-Jun-11 Thursday
1-Jul-11 Friday - Final Day (for selected candidates only)

Amritsar Auditions
13-Jun-11 Monday
14-Jun-11 Tuesday - Final Day (for selected candidates only)

Lucknow Auditions
17-Jun-11 Friday
18-Jun-11 Saturday - Final Day (for selected candidates only)

Kolkata Auditions
20-Jun-11 Monday
21-Jun-11 Tuesday - Final Day (for selected candidates only)

For More Details - Click Here - MasterChef India 2011 Season 2:

BAG Films Looteri Dulhan on Imagine that went on air in March 2011 has been proved to be an biggest disaster for the production house. The story line is amazing and all the actors (except Krishna Gokani) were talented.

It was expected from the day one that the show might not run for too long. The show is quite mismanaged, veteran actor Ranjeet walks out because he was irritated due to unprofessional conduct on the sets. Writer Raakesh Paswan quit the show being of creative differences.

Tantrums queen Krishna Gokani was thrown out from the show and is replaced by Supriya Kumari. Production house thought that Supriya’s entry might raise the TRP’s. But the show has not been getting good ratings also Supriya started throwing her weight around.

A little birdie from the sets tells us, “As the show is not doing well and is under scanner, so the production house decided for a major revamp with 17 fresh new characters entering the show. The channel plans to pull the show off-air if the numbers don’t improve after this twist.”

I hope the show gets a new lease of life in terms of TRP’s with this freshness.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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How to Link to different sections in an html page

If you want to link to different sections in your HTML webpage, or point to different headers in a HTML document, here is how you can do it.

How to add a link to a section in an HTML page:

<a name="OldPapers">Old Papers Section</a>

We can access the section directly by using below URL:

Even we can add link to sections by providing ID attribute with a tag.
<h3 id="HeadingSection">Heading Section</h3>
We can access the section directly by using below URL:

Here is an example. All bank Exam Blog
All bank Exam Blog Old Papers Section

The Code for second one is <a href="">All bank Exam Blog Old Papers Section</a>

After the great success of Imagin TV's Swayamvar Season 1 (Rakhi ka swayamvar) and Season 2 (Rahul Dulhaniya le jayega), Swayamvar the most popular NDTV imagine reality show is back as Ratan Ka Rishta with its third season.

The third season of NDTV Imagine Swayamvar Season 3 is set to begin and there has been many speculations regarding this show. NDTV Imagine has taken out the teaser clip for the Swayamvars season 3 now. Ratan Rajput of rumoured Swayamvar season 3 is a Patna girl who played the role of Ruchi in NDTV Imagine’s Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhyege.

There will be 100 contestants for the show out of which 50 will be Indians and 50 NRI. Then these 100 will be brought down to 50 and then reduced to 21. These final 21 will participate with one person being eliminated every week to arrive at the final five for the swayamvar.

Swayamvar Season 3: Ratan Ka Rishta Registration Details
- If you are an Indian people, you should register here:

If you are an NRI, you should visit the page:

Videos: Swayamvar Season 3: Ratan Ka Rishta

Contestant Bios: Swayamvar Season 3: Ratan Ka Rishta

Predict Elimination: Swayamvar Season 3: Ratan Ka Rishta

Photos Gallery: Swayamvar Season 3: Ratan Ka Rishta

For More Information - Click Here - Swayamvar Season 3: Ratan Ka Rishta

"If Mumbai Indian wins the IPL, I will kiss KRK" :Viveik Mishra

The nude comer from short film ‘Shayaad’ has made a statement on social networking site and twitter that if Mumbai Indian wins the IPL, he will smooch KRK. KRK recently said, he will marry Karan Johar if Mumbai Indian Wins.

It looks like the season of strip and Kiss has started from publicity seeker Poonam Pandey, then KRK marrying Karan Johar and the icing of the cake will be Viveik Mishra smooching Kamaal Rashid Khan in KRK’s wedding reception with Karan Johar.

KRK is been in the news for wrong reasons, be it hitting Rohit Verma in Bigg Boss house or be it trying to chase Priyadarshini Singh and now Karan Johar.

I think the desh drohi guy is gone wacky and liberal to explore all the possibilities in this world.

Hopefully KRK’s marital status will be changed, if not girlfriend he will have a boyfriend, who it will be Karan Johar or Viveik Mishra, only time will tell.

Viveik said, “KRK is most talented and attractive man in the B-Town. As I have given kissing shots in a short film with a guy. So some of my friends were saying if given an opportunity to kiss a guy off-screen whom would you choose? I said off course KRK.”

Viveik has another reason to celebrate, as Raja Chadhary is externed from Mumbai. Viveik has a case on Raja for sexual molestation.

I wish KRK gets good kiss from Viveik and if Karan accepts his marriage proposal then they get married soon and live happily ever after.

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Pregnancy scare in Bigg Boss

-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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"I shall marry Karan Johar if Mumbai Indians win IPL-4" : KRK

Abusive, rude, foul, impatient, violent tempered, brash Z-Grade so called actor Kamaal R Khan aka KRK (as he pompously calls himself) is only person who doesn’t mind putting his foot in his mouth.

Deshdrohi actor recently tweets “And if Mumbai Indians will win IPL-4 and I become gay then I shall marry Karan Johar. It is promise.” and "I challenge that Mumbai Indians can't win IPL-4. They will lose next match or final. If MI will win IPL-4 then I shall become gay. Promise."

He dares to tweet such stuffs because he has nothing to lose. The Ugly actor this time gone beyond the limits and made a statement on Karan Johar and Sachin Tendulkar. Karan is one of the most powerful people in Bollywood and Sachin is no doubts most favorite Cricketer.

I tried to contact Karan Johar but he remained unavailable to comment.

In an interview KRK said, “Mumbai Indians cannot win 4 matches consistently. If MI wins match against RCB then I am 100% sure they will lose because Dhoni is captain of CSK. Whenever Dhoni played  in the finals the team never saw a defeat."

Apparently Gay community is not happy because of KRK’s statement.

This is the high time, someone should puts a sock in the loudmouth sensation-seeker Kamaal R Khan.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Rithvik Dhanjani, who was supposed to debut from Bairi Piya will now be seen in Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahani. He belongs to Madhya Pradesh and had done some theater back in Dubai for 2-3 years.  He got trained from Kishore namit kapoor acting school.

He will play Jacob, Jacob is new man in Pia’s(Sukriti Kanpal’s) life, Pia had completed makeover after she returned from Paris. She joined the college, she meet Jacob on the way to her college. Jacob will be attracted to Pia.

Jacob, is a Werewolf, who will make Pia’s life dreadful, like the original Twilight series and will be commenced in the show in tonight’s episode.

Ex-SplitvillianSuyesh Kumar will play Jacob’s brother, he was supposed to play Panchi’s (Vahbbiz Dorabiee) brother, but then his character had got scrapped.

Suyesh confirmed the news, "I am playing Neel is the character, he is Jacob's brother. Neel is very rich collage going lad".

Rithvik also confirmed the news.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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What more can make a Father happy in paradise than see his lad not just carrying forward his heritage, but also doing that in style, élan and class. I am talking about the well-known late directorYash Johar, whose son Karan Johar celebrates his Birthday today. Every actor has a dream to work with him and every aspirant director desires to direct a film for Dharma Productions.

Master of romance, the King of candy floss emotions Karan Johar has beautifully depicted Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kal Ho Na Ho, Wake Up Sid, My Name is Khan. Karan gave TV anchoring a new dimension altogether with his chat show ‘KOfee with Karan..’.

I am not happy because I am turning 39.  God next year I will turn 40, I am puzzeled why people say life starts at 40.  When you turn 40 you start getting grey hairs; you need to check your blood pressure regularly. I want to remain 20 years old kid. But I do believe ‘Insaan ki umar wahi hoti hai jo who mehsoos karta hai.” Karan quips.

I would like to cordial wish Karan Johar a Very Happy Birthday.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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The willingness and the ability to save money is the secret of building wealth. So as to save money, you need to spend less than you actually earn. Though it looks very simple when you say, it is really difficult to implement. There are plenty of ways to help you start saving money even on the very tight budget. Saving money or spending less is all about the personality, belief system, values of a family.

Spending less and saving more are lifelong living skills that need time to develop. Unless and otherwise, you have a written financial goals, you will lose your focus and go after consumerism and materialism.

To save more, obviously you need to spend smarter. To spend smarter, you need to understand your own spending patterns. Consciously you need to track all your expenses on a daily or weekly basis. So that you will be able to find out what influences your spending pattern.

Spending money has got so many influencing factors. But all these influencers can be classified into five broad spending influencers.

1) Emotions:

Your emotions play an important role in your spending pattern. The positive feelings like happy, fun, joy can influence you to spend more on entertainments and gifts. The negative feelings like envy, jealous, shame, stress, depression, frustration can influence you to spend more on smoking, drinking, buying things you actually don’t need, relaxation and healthcare.

2) Traditional Thought:

This is because of your belief system and your thought process. I need to buy a silk saree every year for my wedding anniversary. I have to burst crackers for diwali. These are all the classic examples of how your traditional thoughts will influence your spending pattern.

3) Society:

Society in which you live will have more influence on your spending. You have to buy a car as all your colleagues are coming to office in their own car. On the occasion of your kid’s birthday, you need to arrange gifts for all the classmates of your kid. You should be watching this movie, on a first day first show.

This influencer is caused by friends, colleagues, neighbours, relatives, and club members. Even at times, the advertisements and promotional offers like a discount sale can make you to spend more.

4) Habits:

Habits formed when you are growing up can make us spend impulsively. Generally this will be for our sensual pleasures. Spending on movies, music, eating out, smoking, drinking are the best examples for this influencer.

5) Commitments:

This includes paying off your debts and loans, commitments towards family like school fees, buying groceries and other provisions, paying rent, paying for medical insurance. You are committed to pay these expenses earlier.

By tracking and analyzing your each and every expense, you will be able to identify the influencers which made you to spend. Here are some strategies to overcome these influencers and spend smarter:

Control Your Emotions:

Instead of spending money, you can control your emotions by doing something else like doing yoga or meditation, watching comedy shows on TV, going to temple or beach. You need to solve the root of the emotion. You have to do introspection and need to keep a balanced mind always. Balanced mind is a key for spending smarter.

Self Talk:

You need to consciously change your thought patterns to come out of traditional thinking. “I don’t really need a saree for every wedding anniversary”. “I am not a kid; so I need not burst crackers on diwali”. These kinds of auto suggestions will change your thought process and you will be able to really prioritize things on which you spend.

You are unique:

You were born original. Please don’t die a copy. There is no need to feel bad if you don’t get to spend or buy things like your friends or people around you. You are unique and special in your own way. You need to discuss with your family and friends about “How to live happily by achieving compromised spending patterns?”

Learn and unlearn Habits:

The unwanted habits which make you spend more can be unlearned. Good habits which make you spend smarter can be learned. Habits can be learned and unlearned. But you need to know it is not a quick fix. It involves a process and a commitment.

A habit is an intersection of knowledge, skill, and desire. Knowledge is ‘what to do and the why’. That is we need to spend less to save more and become richer. Skill is ‘How to do’. That is ‘how we spend less and what are all the strategies to be applied for spending less’. Desire is the motivation, the want to do. What are we trying to achieve by spending less? How that is more important to us than spending more. In order to make something a habit in our lives, we have to have all three.

Unwanted Commitments:

You can’t avoid certain commitments like groceries, schools fees. But definitely you can discontinue unwanted commitments like the club membership in which you are not actively participating and not getting any actual use out of it; the chits impulsively you have enrolled with a jewelry shop.

Money not spent is saved. These above strategies will only work if you truly have a desire for future financial success. You need to be disciplined and persistent in the course of implementing these strategies. The more you practice smart spending, wealthier you become.

The author is Ramalingam K, an MBA (Finance) and Certified Financial Planner. He is the Founder and Director of Holistic Investment Planners, a firm that offers Financial Planning and Wealth Management. He can be reached at

Krishna out...Supriya Kumari is next Looteri Dulhan..!

Krishna Gokani the protagonist of Imagine's Looteri Dulhan will be replaced by Supriya Kumari. Supriya was last seen in Bairi Piya as Amoli.

Krishna is surrounded by controversies she is reputed for throwing tantrums on the sets that’s why production house decided to thrown her out from the show. It seems she lost her focus and is not able to improve her acting.

Also the actress was getting special treatment on the sets of Looteri Dulhan, because of her unusual relationship with Sahil Khosla. Once Sahil carried her in the arms because the wheel chair was not available, when Krishna had a slip during the shoot. The two have been spotted together on social events and parties together ignoring the prying eye.

According to the sources, “Priyal Gor was supposed to play the lead role in Looteri Dulhan, but Krishna bags the role because her coziness with Sahil. She always throws her weight on the sets and is always argumentative about something or the other, right from her dresses to her hairstyle That’s why production house finally decided to show her the door, now Supriya Kumari will playing the lead role. Today Supriya signed the contract and she will start shooting within few days.”

I tried to reach Supriya, but she remained unavailable to comment.

I was rubbing my eyes in skepticism, because Mahhi Vij’s recent Facebook status says “Krishna Gokani has very good heart, she never say no to any guy.” The dual meaning sentence raised so many questions. I tried to contact Mahhi, but she remained unavailable to comment.

Krishna was surprised to hear the news, “I don’t know from where you get the news, I am still shooting for Looteri Dulhan. And who is this Mahhi Vij, I don’t know her. From last couple of days I am getting negative news about me, I really want to know who is spreading these rumors.

Krishna, if you want to reach the stars then you needs to keep both your feet on the ground. We wish you good luck.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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Why actresses are refusing to work with Aishwariya?

Madhur Bhandarkar, is famous for his realistic cinema, he is coming up with another film named “Heroine” based on a sensible subject. Madhur revealed in Cannes Film Festival that former miss world Aishwariya Rai Bachchan will play protagonist in the film.

The story of “Heroine” revolves around the actress, which will be portrayed by Bollywood Diva Aishwariya. Ash gets success and reaches the peak, suddenly she faces a downfall.
One more actress will be there in the film, the second actress will be negative character. Madhur is desperately looking A-List and B-Town actresses for the negative female lead. The second lead will be jealous of main lead and will try to bring down lead Aishwariya.

But it seems no one in interested to play the second negative lead. Smart Madhur is using another method to get a good well-known face for the role by giving Kangna’s example. Kangna Ranaut got a National award for her performance in Fashion, where Priyanka was the main protagonist.

But still no one is interested to play the role, so now Madhur is trying to find a new face for the role.

It seems A-List and B-Town actresses are afraid to compete against the 37 years old Diva Aishwariya.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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What is Origami

The word Origami originates from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper". Hence, Origami means Paper folding crafts. You can create many things like Animals, birds, flowers etc by folding paper into different shapes.

Origami is a modern art form. The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of material into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami.

The number of basic origami folds is small, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. The best known origami model is probably the Japanese paper crane.

You can learn Origami by watching wonderful video collection at
Jolly did print ads for Levi’s, Paramount Read Estates, NIIT Computers, Sahara Group. He was also part of a commercial ad with Arjun Rampal and Nicole Kidman, that TVC was directed by Shekhar kapoor.

Height:- 6 Feet
Shoe Size:- 10
Waist:- 32
Chest:- 40
Hips:- 36
Hair Color:- Black

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"Tears trigger TRP" : Aasiya Kazi

Aasiya kazi is well known as Santo became house hold name after super success of her debut show Bandini. Bandini was produced by Balaji Telefilms. When Bandini gone off air, its protagonist Aasiya Kazi was bombarded with lots of offer, but she decided to play an obssessed wife in Hema Malini's Maati Ki Banno on Colors. The 20-year-old girl chats up with Enlighten India’s Media Manager K Himaanshu Shukla.

Bandini happened suddenly, I went for audition. Ekta saw the audition, she liked me and selected me to play Santo. I was extremely nervous but super excited at the same time. Nervous Because I was a new bie in this industry and Bandini was my first show, I was unaware how television works. I used to get goose bumps, knowing how lucky I am because I will share screen space with Ronit da(Ronit Roy). I didn’t have any formal training in acting; I got trained while doing the show.

Ronit da, Rasika ji and the directors were quite supportive. I am blessed to be able to work with senior people at the very beginning of my career. Whenever I have a problem I take help from them, they make me understand how to act, how to carry myself in front of camera. They taught me how to cry and how to laugh on screen.”

When I asked how she managed to cry so much on screen, she laughed and replied by saying that “If you are playing female lead in the daily soap then you have to cry. Lead ki kismat me rona hi likha hota hai, muskuraane ka mauka to kabhi kabhi hi milta hai. The viewers of daily soaps are chiefly women, remote is under their control and nothing touches them better than tears. I guess tears trigger TRPs.

In real life I don’t like rona or rulana. I love to live life happily. I feel more happy when the people surrounded me are happy. I like to play pranks so that I can make them happy.”

Bandini was a huge hit, Aasiya’s chemistry with Ronit Roy has been appreciated. Ekta Kapoor once said that “In spite of huge age difference Aasiya and Ronit look so good as a couple, they make a good eye-candy”. Ekta’s words came true, Aasiya and Ronit are still remembered as one of the best onscreen jodi. After Bandini went off air, loyal fans started demanding for the show to comeback with season two.

Aasiya reacts on this and said, “From people around me and from the networking sites I get messages that they want season two. Bandini ran for 2 years and 1 month, whole cast and crew is truly like one big joint family. I hope Bandini come back with season two. If not then I wish I get opportunity to work with the same people. I still miss Bandini, even my display picture on my blackberry and on my networking profile are from Bandini. The show is special to be, before Bandini I was part of crowd, people rush past me, pushed me. But after Bandini I am recognized in the crowd, people turn around and look at me. I feel overwhelmed when our fans cal us ROSIYA(Ronit+aAsiya) or SANRAJ(Santo+Dharamraj). People give us love, appreciation in return of our hard work in Bandini.”

When asked why she put behind the sacrificing nature that was in the blood of Santo and did a negative character in Matti Ki Banno, she replied “After Bandini went off air I got offer from 2-3 reality shows but I couldn’t go for it as I already signed Matti Ki Banno. I got offer from one reality show which I wanted to do desperately, may be next year I will try to do that show. I also wanted to do dance reality show, I think I can dance also. I was a dance student of Shiamak Davar; and have completed my course. I am ready to play with worms and perform deadly stunts. By portraying Saudamini in Matti Ki Banno, I learnt to perform stunts. It was not a negative character, but yes it has some negative shades. Saudamini was madly in love with her husband Vikram, it was completely obsessed type character. She forces her husband to love her.”

Aasiya neither resemble Santo nor Saudamini, Aasiya is short tempered and talkative, she can’t keep quiet for more time where as Santo is very quite. The sweet looking actor is exactly opposite of Saudamini, and believes we can't force someone to love you. “You should understand your partner & vice-versa. If by hook or by crook you get the love from someone then it will very soon vanish. Love means sacrifice not forcing anybody to love you. Saudamini set rules in relationship and I don’t. I deem that understanding is much more required in a relationship,” she quips.

She got an offer to do Bandini when she was in class 11th. She used to take books on the sets, initially she managed to I get time to study and act, but then she quits her studies after 12th as it’s not possible to manage study and acting at the same time due to hectic schedule. As now Matti Ki Banno is over, the actor is planning to wait for some time. If she gets an offer for another show then she will do it, else she will continue her studies.

The actor said marriage is not on the cards, she want to concentrate on her career. “I want to prove myself as an actor then I will think about marriage. I wish I get a new show soon and continue entertaining my fans like I did in Bandini and Matti Ki Banno.

We wish the fabulous actress continued success in the years to come...

[My Article For Enlighten India Magazine]
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Photo Courtesy: Aasiya Kazi

11 ways to get out of debt and stay out of debt

How to Get out and Stay out of Debt?

11 ways to get out of debt and stay out of debt

In spite of steady, regular income there are so many individuals who live paycheque to paycheque, carry their credit card outstanding, and fail to save anything for retirement. If you are one of them, now is the right time to take action to come out of debt and stay out of debt. It is not only possible; it is unbelievably achievable.

1. List down all your debts

You need to take stock of all your loans. It could be credit card due, personal loan, car loan, housing loan, education loan, loan from FD, loan from insurance policies, loan from your employer, hand loan and so on. For each and every loan you need to note down how much you owe, the present interest rate, EMI, Number of months to be paid.

2. Negotiate for lower interest rates

If you could negotiate the interest rate and bring it down then you can come out of debt faster. Most of the credit card companies come forward for negotiation if you really show interest in repaying. They need not run after you to collect the debt. It will reduce their expenses. So they will be happy to negotiate. Balance transfer offers from credit cards are also a way to reduce your interest rate.

3. Refinancing and consolidation

Replacing a loan with another is known as Refinancing. By doing a refinance it should reduce your interest rate and it should bring down the time you are in debt. But most often people go for refinance that provide them lower EMI but increasing the time they stay in debt.

4. Categorise your debt

Housing loan can increase your net worth over a period of time. Housing loan gives you tax benefit also. For a business man car loan provides some tax benefit. Based on these factors a debt needs to be categorized. This will help us in comparing different loans.

5. Prioritize your debts

After sorting out various loans, now we can comfortably prioritize the loans. Obviously this will be based on the interest rates and tax benefits. At times paying off a small loan first can give you a lot of motivation to get out of debt.

6. Creating and Executing a Debt payoff plan

You need to create a debt pay off plan with different scenarios. So that you can find out how some more savings or a different repayment order will help you to get out of debt faster. When creating a plan, you need to choose one which is comfortable to your attitude. Otherwise, you may not execute it properly.

7. Refrain yourselves from applying for fresh loans

You need to make a vow that you will not be adding any fresh loans, till you come out of all your debts completely. Think for a moment, how you will feel when you become debt free. This will give you a lot of positive energy to come out and stay out of debt.

8. Postpone buying major assets

Buying a property or any other assets need to be postponed till you get out of debt. With your new ownership comes the new, probably large and unpredictable expense. This can make you deviate from your debt pay off plans and at times the consequences could be uncontrollable.

9. You stop using your credit card

There are two groups. One group of people uses the credit cards responsibly. That is they will repay the credit card dues in full when they receive the bill. The other group will pay the minimum amount due and carry forward the balance amount due. If you belong to the second group, you need to stop using credit cards temporarily. Take out and keep your credit cards in the locker. Once your financial situation and buying habits improve, then you can start using your credit cards again.

10. Change your spending habits.

Being in debt obviously means that you have been living beyond your means. The solution is very simple. Spend less than you earn and you will get out of debt soon. You need to change your spending habits. Then only this simple solution will be achievable. If you buy things you don't need, you’ll soon sell things you need. Don't save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.

11. Involve all your family members

You need to inform all your family members and dependents about your debt status. Then you will be able to take decisions with much more clarity. Moreover, if your family members know about your debt, they will also change their spending habits and support you in getting out of debt faster.

Consider the postage stamp: Its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. Similarly, you need to stick to your debt pay off plan till you get out of it.

The author is Ramalingam K, an MBA (Finance) and Certified Financial Planner. He is the Founder and Director of Holistic Investment Planners, a firm that offers Financial Planning and Wealth Management. He can be reached at

"My monthly phone bill is just 500-600 bucks" : Harshad Chopda

Harshad Chopda of ‘Tere Liye’ and ‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil’ fame have already made a mark on the small screen with his acting talent, the actor will turn 28 tomorrow.

I caught up the actor who is well known for not answering the call, to know his birthday plans, like a Taurus Male Harshad is quiet, practical soul, as sagacious and down-to-earth.

Any birthday plans?
No plans as far now, mostly I celebrate my birthday with my family at home. Probably I will go out with my friends in the evening,

One person you wish to meet on your birthday?
Salman Khan, as he is my inspiration and I never got opportunity to meet him.

Is there any particular thing which you religiously do on your birthdays?
I cut the cake which is specially made my sister.

One thing you want to change on your birthday?
I am very serious type of guy, I get attached with my projects, I fall in love with whatever I do. When my show ends I feel disturbed. I want to change it. Many people including you had a complaint that I do not take calls (smiles), I will surely try start answering calls.

Why you don't your answer calls?
(smiles) Everyone complaints that I do not take calls. Actually I on't talk much on phone. You won't believe my monthly phone bill is just 500-600 bucks.

Which birthday has been the memorable birthday till date?
Every birthday of mine became so special from last 3-4 years. 3 years back I got award in Star Parivaar award on my birthday. I was nervous and was quite astonished when they announced my name. It was one of the best gift on my birthday.

One thing you desperately want to do after your birthday?
I want to get my portfolio done, probably I will shoot after 25th May.

Any secret desire which you want to get fulfilled on this birthday?
I believe in Destiny and God, at this moment of time I don’t have any desire. I just want to thank god for giving me everything I deserved and desired.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Photo Courtesy: Anupriya Kapoor & Harshad Chopda
Anupriya Kapoor well known as Taani from Star Plus' Tere Liye is on a break ever since her show went off air, currently she is enjoying with her family in Dehli.

 Here is the actor sharing what are last things in his list with us.

Last time you cried on screen?
I cried while shooting last episode of Tere Liye. Tere Liye is close to my heart, I felt extremely sad when the show went off air.

Last time you cried off screen?
I cry at least once a day, I cry when my nails break, when my brother does not give me remote. Yesterday I had a fight with my brother, then we patched up after 30 mins.

Who was your last crush?
My Uncle, he is my first and last crush. I wanted to marry him when I was a kid.

What was your last guilty indulgence?
One week ago. I am on diet and I asked my mother to bring something related to my diet from market, she forgot. I fought with my mother then I felt guilty.

What was your last dream about?
Last night I had a weird dream, I saw some half human and half animal creepy creatures, they killed my entire family members.

When was the last time you sang in the shower?
I am not a bathroom singer, I really enjoy listening to music.

When was the last time you felt angry?
5 minutes back, my mom is not at home and my brother asked me to cook something for him. I was feeling sleepy and I feel so angry towards him.

Last embarrassing situation?
1 week ago I went to Hyper city some fans followed me, they were murmuring she is Taani. I feel embarrassed when people come and ask to give autograph and click photographs.

Last rumour about you?
That I come late on sets, everybody knows that I reach at least before 15 minutes. I am over punctual.

Last person you would like to work within your last show or film?
No preferences.

Last status update on networking profile or last tweet?
I am not a tech savvy, I don’t have networking or twitter profile. I opened a Facebook account 2 years ago but then I deleted that account.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Photo Courtesy: Anupriya Kapoor
India's biggest singing reality show "X Factor" now coming on Sony Entertainment Television. Sonu Nigam returns to small screen and this time again he will become the judge of a signing reality show. Sony TV channel hunting for that X-treme singer/performer for India’s Biggest Singing Reality Show ‘X Factor’. Registrations is open now for the auditions of the X Factor India 2011 reality show. Contestants of 16 years or above in age as on 15th Jan 2011 can participate in the X Factor India on Sony TV. The X Factor Auditions will take place in Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, Indore and Mumbai. Check out the X Factor audition locations and X Factor Registration process. If you want to participate in this show then fill the form below & send SMS.

X Factor India 2011: SMA Fomrat & Registration Details:

1: SMS XF(Space)(First 3 letters of location you wish to audition at) to 52525.

- Ahmedabad: XF AHM to 52525
- Kolkata: XF KOL to 52525
- Delhi: XF DEL to 52525
- Lucknow: XF LUC to 52525
- Indore: XF IND to 52525
- Mumbai: XF MUM to 52525

You will receive a response SMS requesting for your age in completed years as on Jan 15th,2011, your gender and participation category (solo or group).

2: SMS XF1(Space)(age)(Space)(gender)(Space)(group/solo).

Example - “XF1 30 M solo”

And You will receive a confirmation SMS on receipt of the same.
X Factor India 2011 Audition & Registration closes on to the following dates:
- Ahmedabad: 7 February
- Kolkata: 10 February
- Delhi: 14 February
- Lucknow: 18 February
- Indore: 22 February
- Mumbai: 27 February

For More Info - Click here - X-Factor India On Sony

You can also send your queries to

Sach Ka Saamna is one of the most controversial reality shows in Indian TV history and Now It is coming back with its second edition. But this show was very popular at that time. Sach Ka Saamna season 2 expected to start very soon. The host of the show is Rajiv Khandelwal. The show will be coming soon on Star Plus. if you want to participate in this show then fiil the form below & send SMS.

Here is the details to Register for Rajiv Khandelwal's Sacch Ka Saamna ON:-

Via SMS – SKS YOURNAME AGE GENDER and send IT To 57827

Via Email –

You can also fill up the form on the official Web Page: - Register Online

Raja Chaudhary to play Bhavani Singh in Chandrakanta

Doordarshan’s super duper hit show Chandrakanta which was directed by Sunil Agnihotri was biggest grosser in 90's. At that time from kids to grownups, 9 AM Sunday slot was booked for this drama and the viewers are glued with idiot box because the show has an excess of mystifying twists & turns.
The legendary show is coming back on Sahara One. Like in the season one, the role of Chandrakanta is donned by beautiful Shikha Swarop and Santosh Shukla as Virendra Singh.

Indian Telly's controversial king Raja Chaudhary was roped to play Tej Singh, but because of legal trouble he was not able to shoot. Now the buzz is that he is playing warrior Bhavani Singh in the show.

Raja confirmed the news, “Yes I am playing Bhavani singh who is warrior. Bhavani is very powerful man with magic powers. He fights for king Shiv Dutt and kidnaps the son of Chandrakanta and Virendra Singh. This will start the big clashes. Vindoo Dara Singh who is donning the role of Abhimanyu is my enemy. I am excited to part of this fantasy costume drama”.

The show it is scheduled for May 30, 2011 telecast. Audiences are ready once again to experience the flight of the imagination in the world of Chandrakanta.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Former Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore yet another dress designed by Elie Saab for her 10th appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer, who has became synonymous with lavishness and modernism.

The one-shoulder nude dress is embroidered with a flower motif. The dress is from actress favorite western wear designer's spring collection 2011. Unlike last year, this year Aish kept it simple with minimal Chopard jewellery and internationally known makeup artish Karim Rahman did the nude makeup.

37-year-old actress is the brand ambassador for a big beauty brand and walked on the red carpet for the festival opening and premier of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

Aish’s awe-inspiring dress is doing 20% of the work, she puts in the 80% by living up to her title of being one of the most stunning women in the world.

Rani Mukherjee is also expected to walk on the red carpet at Cannes on May 18 styled by the Indian designer Sabyasachi.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Aishwarya wore yet another dress designed by Elie Saab

Former Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore yet another dress designed by Elie Saab for her 10th appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer, who has became synonymous with lavishness and modernism.

The one-shoulder nude dress is embroidered with a flower motif. The dress is from actress favorite western wear designer's spring collection 2011. Unlike last year, this year Aish kept it simple with minimal Chopard jewellery and internationally known makeup artish Karim Rahman did the nude makeup.

37-year-old actress is the brand ambassador for a big beauty brand and walked on the red carpet for the festival opening and premier of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

Aish’s awe-inspiring dress is doing 20% of the work, she puts in the 80% by living up to her title of being one of the most stunning women in the world.

Rani Mukherjee is also expected to walk on the red carpet at Cannes on May 18 styled by the Indian designer Sabyasachi .

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Veena Malik said no to Saali Bitch-2

Pakistani seductress Veena Malik, who un-graced the big boss platform, has been approached by Ishq Bector to star in the Video of his upcoming album “Saali Bitch 2’. Saali Bitch is 2 the sequel to Rapper Ishq’s controversial singles.

Veena Malik  declined the offer. "I support women’s issue and causes. Ishq is destroying today’s youth with such messages", she quips.

I just wanted to ask Miss Malik, you support women’s issue that’s why you crossed the entire limit in Bigg Boss house; you lost your hormonal balance and went to the extent of smooching Ashmit on National TV. You had enfolded yourself in a towel while changing clothes, and the towel slipped away accidentally (that part is edited because Veena was captured naked in the house).

Ishq songs raised a lot of questions to Censor Board with its obscene lyrics and videos. His song “Kamini Tera Bhoot” with Rakhi Sawant has created a big controversy when the Censor board decision to ban it and asked them to beep the word ‘Kamini’.

Attention seeker Pakistani Veena, is also not deserted by controversies, so I guess Ishq and Veena will be a good pair for their next project, because both wanted to be in lime light by creating drama.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Star Plus’ prime time show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai’ is going to have some twist and turns in the coming episodes. If the sources are to be believed, Akshara(Hina Khan), who is shown pregnant, may suffer a miscarriage.

As per the sources, “Recently Akshara was got trapped in the locker room and Naitik succeeds in finding Akshara. Everyone in the family is eagerly waiting for the new member in the family. Akshara will feel uneasy, hen her husband Naitink will takes her to the doctor. The doctor explains them about the complications, after that Akshara will suffer a miscarriage. This news will definitely spell havoc in the life of the couple as well as among other family members. They will be distressed hearing this sad news."

I tried to contact Hina, but she remained unavailable to comment.

They will soon start shooting the sequence.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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