What I would do Tomorrow?..

Courtesy : 'Velvet Chocolates & Brownies'
Tomorrow is my Birthday!! And I will be another year older!!.. and I am knocking knocking on heaven(...may be Hell) doors!!...

I’ve walked on the surface of this planet for 26 years now.

Honestly...trust me at this moment I feel like a mixed bag of emotions...literally!! what is a birthday without your own people around?..I am far away from home, I am in Mumbai and my family & most of my close friends are not with me, probably they are also as upset as I am ,that I couldn’t be with them...but then again as "Work Is Worship"..! so I will celebrate my b-day with amidst all who are with me with the best of delicacies around...

I shy away from birthday surprises. I squirm if somebody sings the birthday song for me.

I don't like birthday parties The birthday parties I remember weren't mine.

I persuaded myself to believe that there are better things to do then being bothered with birthday parties.

"Parties are for babies," I would say bitterly!!.. :) :)

Some of my friends are asking me what I am planning to do on my birthday?

When my mom is in the delivery room when I was born. God stood there and said to me, 'Breathe.' So on Saturday that is what I will be doing – breathing :).

Apart from that I have a secret plan to celebrate my birthday.

Take Care..!
Stay Blessed..!
-K Himaanshu Shukla..


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