Sara-Angad: Off screen buddies becomes toast of the town

Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai, one of Star Plus' most popular show which ended last year, we caught up with one of the most magical onscreen Jodi Sara Khan and Angad Hasija in-between there hectic shooting schedule for a candid chat.  Here are excerpts from their interview:

If Rajan Shahi approach you for Bidaai season two, would you say yes?
Angad: I cannot comment on it at this moment. I am keen to be part of Bidaai season two as Bidaai is very close to me, but it depends upon the conditions also, as currently I am busy with Phulwa.
Sara: I don’t think Bidaai will be back with season two, and if it comes I am not sure I will do it or not. Currently I am committed to Ram Milayi Jodi and I want to concentrate on it, but if Rajan sir approaches me for Bidaai season two I will surely think on it.

What made Sara & Angad one of the best onscreen Jodi?:
Angad: We are best friends and we know each other from last three-four years off-screen, maybe that’s the reason, it was visible onscreen also.
Sara: We are best buddies and had a lot of fun on Bidaai set. We've been friends for a long time and though we are not working together we are still in touch with each other.

What is your favorite track in Bidaai?
Angad: Each and every track is special to me, there are so many memories associated with each track so I really can't point out one. All the tracks which I have done in Bidaai are memorable for me.  My character started as schizophrenic Alekh, who falls in love with Sara, and then he gets well and finally becomes a business tycoon. Bidaai gave me an opportunity to portray the character with lots of variations.
Sara: There are so many memorable tracks, like when I fell in love with Alekh and when I fight with Parul and cry. Bidaai is close to my heart.

Did you ever feel nervous while shooting romantic sequences with each other?
Angad: No, never because we are good friends, our off-screen chemistry helped us a lot. We know each other very well, so whenever such romantic scenes were to be filmed, I use to think that, chill it’s just Sara. The credit for our onscreen chemistry goes to my wife Pari. She is very supportive and trusts us a lot.
Sara:  Yes sometimes I felt nervous, initially I was uncomfortable, but gradually we became good friends, and then I never felt nervous. As Angad said when we have to shoot some romantic sequences we used to think, hey it’s just Angad.

How do you feel when you’re crazy fans call you SanGad(Sara+Angad) or SalEkh(Sadna + Alekh)?
Angad: I am extremely grateful to our fans, I feel good when people call us Salekh or Sangad. It shows how much they love us as a couple.
Sara: I feel overwhelmed; the credit goes to our fans.

Doesn’t Bidaai’s success put pressure on you to perform you the utmost in your next move?
Angad: Actually yes, Bidaai was a huge hit and a superb show, so working in any unspectacular show post bidaai wasn’t a good deal. I did Zara Nachke Dikha where I showed my dancing talent & then I opted for Phulwa, because the presentation and concept is quite different.
Sara: I think no success put pressure on me. When I left Bidaai I got offer from Bigg Boss and after Bigg Boss I got offer for Ram Milayi Jodi. I believe whatever I do in life I give it my best & leave the rest to the Allah’s desires.  If I put 100% effort into whatever I do I will surely get success.

Any Message to your fans.
Angad: You are very precious to me, a big thank you for all your love & affection. I am here because of you all; I really appreciate your support. You have appreciated my work in Bidaai, and I hope you like my character as "Shankar" in Phulwa.
Sara:  As always, a big thank you people for your love and blessings. Keep loving me and my show the way you do, and watch my show regularly.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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