"Once, I forgot my birthday"-Kinshuk Mahajan

The handsome  hunk Kinshuk Mahajan will celebrate his birthday tomorrow on April 17th, and here is Scrutiny Team giving its readers an exclusive chit-chat with the Birthday boy.

What are your plans for your birthday?
Nothing decided, but I want to visit Dehli and spent quality time with my family members.

How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
I get up early in the morning; go to the Mandir take blessings from mom and dad. I used to spend my birthday in a leprosy institute and then party hard in the night.

How has your childhood birthdays been?
Very nice, I have many memorable birthdays of my childhood. My family and friends are excited more than me; we have enjoyed all my Birthdays whole-heartedly.

The most memorable birthday you ever had?
I had given audition of my first show ‘Dhoom Mache Dhoom’ on my birthday, and touchwood I was so lucky I got the show.

Has anyone ever done something extra special for you for your birthday?
My father brings cake for me especially from Oberoi’s, my mom prepares my favourite food. Divya who is teacher by profession, love to make handmade greetings. I got some really cool hand-made cards for my birthday from Divya.

Anything special your fan did for you on Anything special your fan did for you on your birthday?
Last year some of my fans send me some teddy bears and cards. This year one of my fans from Australia sent me my painting through you.

One thing you would like to change in yourself on this birthday?
I sleep a lot. So that's one thing that I'd like to change about myself.

Have you ever completely forgotten a birthday of one of your close friend or a family member?
I have a problem remembering birthdays, ek baar to apna birthday bhi bhool gaya tha(laughs). Divya constantly reminds me birthdays of my close friends and family.

Is marriage on the cards?
Well, marriage is definitely on the cards but just not so soon.

Any update about Bidaai season two?
I cannot comment on it at this point of time.

Loyal viewers of Bidaai were eagerly waiting for season two.
Yes I know, even I am keen to be part of Bidaai season two

Any message to your fans?
I'm really thankful to them for giving me so much love and support. God bless you all.

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