Alok Nath is enormously talented and natural actor has come a long way since his amazingly successful role as Masterji in Ramesh Sippy`s Buniyaad.

We managed to catch Alok Nath for a candid chat to find out what changes has he witnessed in the film industry since his first mega serial ‘Buniyaad’ to his currently on air show ‘Yaha Mai Ghar GharKheli ‘.

To this he says, “Buniyaad was the first mega serial of its time &there was only one broadcasting channel Doordarshan.

Before Buniyaad, Hum Log & Ramayan were popular but buniyaad was the first Mega blockbuster soap. Initially it was aired once a week but on public demand it was showcased thrice a week on tv. We shot first 26 episodes like a film on 16mm, he recalls.”

Buniyaad created the magic which left people spellbound & surprised. In the night time when it was aired on TV, roads went vacant & silent. People used to invoke TV sets while watching ramayan. They used to respect artists whole heartedly.Today the television charm has diminished.

Directors, producers, and actors everybody used to work with faith & devotion. May be that is the reason why audience still remember those days. Buniyaad was a result of honesty and hard work.

During those days none of us had expected that large chunk of money will be fetched from TV in near future. Today television has become just like any other money making business.

Earlier we got latest News, Chitrahaar, Sports, Krishidarshan, movies and serials only on Doordarshan. After that private channels came, then few foreign channels. Gradually Honesty, reverence & devotion, all have vanished somewhere; now people work only for money.

In that era, artists used to get their money quickly, but now it takes 3-4 months to retrieve their cheques. Previous actors, directors all used to be trained people but now anybody pops up as a director, actor or producer which has marred the film making quality,” he quips.

He signs off by saying that “Ab survive karna thoda muskil hoo gaya hai, par badalte haalaat ke saath khud ko badalna seekh liya hai.”

Alokji’s achievements in the Bollywood and Television are noteworthy & applaud able and we wish this exceptionally brilliant actor will continue to rule both the silver and small screen.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

Edited by: Manjari Panchal

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