Mitesh Mehta Chairman Enlighten India

It's not often that an editor takes up four full pages for himself. Then again I do not consider myself to be like other conventional editors. In fact, my critics might even refer to me as a ‘maverick’ in this field given my approach to the media. I like to make a little noise every now and then. And you know what they say, lots of little noises create a big buzz.

I believe that everyone is aware of the reality. There are just those who choose to accept it and those who don’t. I prefer to call a spade a spade and even though it’s not the most diplomatic stance, I am pleased that the truth gets upheld. Having said that, those who know me are aware that I am a straight forward business man, but what only a selected few may already know is that I also harbour the dream of being a politician someday. I have received so much from my country and it’s the gratitude that draws me to a life of servitude towards my countrymen. There are many underprivileged individuals who do not have a voice or the resources to make a noise I want to give them a voice; I want them to be able to tell those in power that nothing can overpower the truth. As the Vice President of the Nationalist Congress Party, Industry (Labour Cell) - Maharashtra State; I intend to use my existing influence to make this voice a loud and clear one and work on extending this vocal capacity.

    I am sure that by now it’s pretty clear why I get referred to as a 'Maverick'. I am of the belief that every- thing is interconnected and the sooner one accepts this fact the easier it will be for one to find what one is looking for. Business, Media and Politics are all very intricately connected. I reckon that an efficient businessman will surely be a successful businessman and a successful businessman will surely make an effective representative.

    I myself have worked hard for years now, building up to where I am. I began working with my family business which is a clearing, forwarding and warehousing agency called Greenfields with clients like Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, Colgate Palmolive, Titan Industries and Nutrabran Concept Inc. Though it might seem like a bed of roses, the truth is that I had to work my way up in the company just like a normal employee. I had to prove my worth to myself and those who invested in me. The lesson in humility that I learned has brought me a long way. My father insisted that this was the right path for me and with the current overwhelming turnover at this point, his point has been well proven.

    I’m eager to tell a story of how my intentions have paved the way for this venture. I want to talk about my vision with this magazine. I don’t want to present just another lifestyle magazine. I want to present a magazine that informs, a magazine that guides a magazine that inspires but most of all a magazine that can make a difference. In my affiliations with the various charitable institutions, I have come across cases where justice would never have been served if the media has not been involved. I’m pleased, that with the kind of control, over an effective type of media, such as a lifestyle magazine, I could be instrumental in delivering this justice now. I wish most humbly to be able to reach out to all you readers not just to read our magazine but to feel free to contribute to it. We want to be a voice, your voice.

Nationalist Congress Party, Industry (Labour Cell)
Vice President - Maharashtra State

Anyay Nivaran Bhrashtachar Nirmulan Sanstha
Secretary - Maharashtra State

Anyay Nivaran Nirmulan Sanstha
President - Mumbai Region

Adivasi Sarvangin Vikas Samiti
Vice President - Maharashtra State

International Human Rights Association for Protection
Vice President - Mumbai Western Zone

The International Association of Lions Clubs
Bulletin Editor (Kandivali - Thakur Complex)

Entertainment / Events
a) ISH Models      b) AMBY Organisers
Production, Studios, Music
(My Friend Ganesha-Part 1)

International Quality Management Systems
ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification Company

PartnerGreenfield Logistics
C & F Agents for RANBAXY Laboratories Ltd.     
Nutrabran Concept Inc Proprietor (Rice Bran Oil)

Enlighten Advertisers

Shaksy International India Pvt Ltd. (Supplier of Electrical, Mechanical Cables)
AmerCable (Oilrigs, Mining & Shipping Industries)                            
Managing Director


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