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TC No.: MAHMUL02910/ 13/ 1/ 2010-TC    

We are honored to present you the National English Magazine “Enlighten India”.

Our magazine aims to provide additional platform to share news and views. “Enlighten India” is directed towards people of all age groups consisting of a wide range of information-related issues like:-
  • Politics
  • Science & Technology        
  • State Affairs        
  • Education & Career    
  • Nature        
  • Crime & Corruption            
  • Travel & Food    
  • Music
  • Wildlife        
  • Finance & Investment        
  • Aspiring Models    
  • Photography
  • Weather        
  • Life Style               
  • Cooking        
  • Business Economics Spirituality        
  • Health & Nutrition        
  • Quotes & Humor    
  • Global Business    
  • Logistics        
  • Astrology               
  • Sports            
  • Non violence
  • Obituary        
  • Vaastu                
  • Entertainment                              
Enlighten India” The philosophy, creativity & information has been elucidated by a team of dedicated professionals which emphasizes on trust and team work. This Magazine could prove to be yet another learning ground for me & many amongst us.

Enlighten India” will be published in Mumbai  and the same will be circulated to different states of India and overseas where the total distribution count of 5,000 copies & further-more per month. We aim to achieve a growth rate of 30% every month, and, with this, we believe in complimentary distribution system wherein the copies are distributed to various corporate sectors, government sectors & also complimentary distribution at public places like malls, multiplex ticket-counters, railway station, stalls, book stalls & libraries.

Enlighten India” group & its Editorial team, right from its commencement have been open,  candid & transparent. For a quick preview please visit our website www.enlightenindia.co.in

Warm regards & thanks,
Mitesh K Mehta
enlighten india

Warm regards & thanks,
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