'Khote Sikkeys' go the Musical way..!

The lead cast of Sony's new show Khote Sikkey strike a common factor of being great music lovers...

YRF's Khote Sikkey on Sony TV as we know, is the tale of five youngsters who are forced to help the police in stopping urban crime!! We hear that in addition to the five 'Sikkey' striking a super combination of being intelligent brats, they share a common passion off screen, and that is towards 'Music'!!.

A little birdie from the sets informs, "The environment on the sets is very musical and all of them are always in a musical mood. Hasan Zaidi and Sukhmani who essay Mohit and Uttara, are often seen playing their guitars on the set. Mark Farokh Parakh who essays Ayush in the show is a piano player. Apart from the cast, the DOP of the show also is very much interested in music".

"The sound recorder of the show also gets time out to have a musical time with the guys. The entire gang is seen either playing their favorite instruments, or singing whenever they have free time. Vikas Kumar and Mark also fill in as singers, and have a fabulous voice", adds our source.

Recently, while the entire cast was busy taking off their make-up after a hectic day of shoot, they started singing together and it was one big bash that everyone who witnessed it enjoyed..

We contacted Hasan Zaidi and he confirmed, "Yes, we all are music freaks and have lot of fun on the sets. Most of the cast is related to music in one or the other way. While few sing well, Sukhmani and I play good guitar, and Mark comes with abundant talent. So we together have a blast on the sets when free".

Guess the 'Khotey Sikkey' have already started proving their worth in one way or the other...

SOURCE: indiforum
Author: Tejashee Bhopatkar

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