New twist in Viveka Babajee case

On the day of supermodel Viveka Babajee’s death (June 25, 2010), in a message sent to her on Facebook, her boyfriend Gautam Vora had mentioned, “Adit and myself have been trying to call u to see if you are ok, please acknowledge, even if with a simple “yes” as a reply to this. Your phone is off. We are worried. Please get in touch asap.”

Apparently, the Babajee family had requested the Police to find out who ‘Adit’ was and if he should also be questioned, or undergo the DNA tests, which were only conducted on Gautam Vora and Viveka’s ex-business partner Kartik Jobanputra.

Now, according to latest reports, this person ‘Adit’ is none other than Gautam Vora’s brother ‘Aditya Vora’. With this new revelation, the case might be reopened.

Earlier, DNA tests were conducted on Vora and Jobanputra after reports from the forensic department, stating that human DNA was found under the fingernails of the supermodel whose body was discovered under mysterious circumstances; hanging from a ceiling fan in her house a few months ago.

In his statement to the Police and Court, Viveka’s boyfriend Gautam Vora (who was said to be the last person to have visited her, the night before the incident), had denied a relationship with the supermodel, claiming she was ‘just a friend’.

The Babajee’s family had alleged that Vora had lied about his relationship with Viveka to the Police as well as the Court, and through their spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar, released seven photographs of Gautam with Viveka, which proved beyond doubt that the couple were in a serious relationship.

SOURCE: filmcafe


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