Each character is distinctive in Khotey Sikkey : Mark Parakh

As reported earlier, YRF is coming back with a new Serial Khotey Sikkey which will hit screen on 21st January. I caught up with one of the Khota Sikka Mark Parakh, he has drawn a lot of appreciation for his character Sid in Mahhi Way.

Excerpts from his interview:

Do you have any formal training in acting?
Yes, I am a student of Anupam Kher's Actor Prepares. I did my full time (3 months) course from there. I am very grateful to the faculty- Mr. Yashraj Jadhav, Mr. Hemendra Bhatia, Mr. Suraj Vyas and ofcourse Mr. Kher.

What is the USP of Khotey Sikkey?
USP of Khotey Sikkey is that each character is distinctive and does not overlap each other’s space. We bond equally well off screen, in fact better I would say. Although we see each other practically every day on set, we are still not bored of each other. In fact, whenever we get an off, we are always together partying and this bond shoes on screen. So I would say this is the USP of Khotey Sikkey.

How would you describe Ayush’s character?
Ayush Khetrapal is a gadget freak, there is no code he can't crack, no web site or password he can't hack, Very confident when it comes to his gadgets but a little under confident otherwise, gets fidgety when in trouble and has a restless body language.

Any kind of grooming for the role, I mean have you read about hacking and all?
No grooming as such, but I know some people who are like that so I have incorporated a few traits such as speaking fast when it comes to the 'techy' stuff and a little laid back and lazy at other times.

How did Mahhi Way come to you?
Minal, the talent manager for Anupam Kher's ‘Actor Prepares’,  saw my final performance at the end of my course and she really liked it. She recommended me to Abhimanyu Ray, the then casting director for Yashraj. I auditioned and they loved my audition. In fact Abhimanyu went down to Actor prepares (since the YRF casting dept. Is in the same building) and showed them my audition saying they had sent one of their best actors from the lot.

You portrayed the role of gay fashion designer Sid in Mahhi Way. You were not afraid of the image that will get registered in people’s mind?
After the audition I knew I would get the part but I was a bit skeptical since I didn't want to start off my career playing a gay character as I was scared of being typecast but then I thought I would be a fool to reject an offer from YRF. My acting teacher Yashraj sir told me that an actor's job is to essay whatever role he's given and that it would be wrong to shy away from not playing such a character. I went for it and today I don't regret it at all.. I am really glad I made the correct decision.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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