Ashmit volunteers for elimination!..

Day 94 starts with housemates waking up on an all time hit number 'satte pe satta'.

Bigg Boss sends the task letter announcing their songs of the day on which they have to perform whenever the music is played. Ashmit reads out the letter to the housemates. New props and costumes are given to the housemates for their performances. The group song for the contestants is 'Dugi pe Dugi Ho', Khali's song for the day is 'Chouta Bacha Jane ke humko'. Dressed in a clown's outfit Shweta's song is 'Hai Hai Mirchi'. Ashmit had to shake a leg on 'jab bhi koi ladki dekho mera dil deewana bole'.

After the announcement of the task Dolly bitches about Khali to Ashmit. Dolly is angry on Khali since he had a fight with her last night. Dolly starts commenting about his character on how he talks about everyone to her, Dolly also tells Ashmit if Khali comes and touches, she will show him who is the real 'Khali'. Soon everyone gathers in the garden area to discuss who should go out of the Bigg Boss House, Shweta and Khali take Dolly's name. Dolly is surprised with Shweta's decision and in return nominates Shweta. According to Dolly, because of Shweta she had a fight with everyone since she would manipulate her. To which Shweta defends herself saying they were all here from the beginning while Dolly entered mid-way. Ashmit chooses to nominated himself.

Bigg Boss tries to give the housemates a little surprise by sending a red suitcase, making them feel that someone might enter, but soon Ashmit opens the bag and to find it empty and everyone laughs. Soon the discussion on elimination starts again, Dolly is angry on Shweta and Khali. Dolly gets in to a verbal fight with Shweta and soon Shweta walks out from the scene.

Khali talks about voluntarily walking out of the house, but remembers his past and all the struggles he went through to reach here and decides to stay back and fight till the end. Khali gets emotional, but Dolly taunts him by saying how one should win on their own and not based on sympathy. Shweta and Khali talk about Dolly and how she is trying to fight and they should avoid her for now.

Bigg Boss announces that any one member from the house can get a chance to speak to his/her family, therefore housemates can decide on one name they would like to nominate for this opportunity. Dolly does not respond but Shweta and Ashmit decide to give this opportunity to Khali. Bigg Boss connects Khali to his wife and gets to chat with her for 2 mins. He is very happy with this opportunity and thanks Ashmit, Shweta and Bigg Boss.

Now it was time to give that one name to Bigg Boss as to who they would like to eliminate. Ashmit volunteers and everyone seems all right with his decision except Shweta, who bursts in tears with the decision.

SOURCE: The Times of India


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