Major General said "Veena Malik crossing limits."

Pakistan’s Major General on a privately-run defense website said " Veena Malik crossing limits on Bigg Boss,” to which Lt. Colonel replied “Do we really need such threads on a defense forum?”. Big Deal..

The overconfident Pakistani seductress has become the talk of e-town, her official website is spured fans to vote for her, according to her PR agent(she said keep my name as secret).Interesting point is that her PR name is being typed on google more than ever before. Veena's absence from her 'mulk' Pakistan has pulled off what her presence in her country had finished to do. Pakistani news channels are talking much about Veena now.

Despite of her barefaced and shameless appearance, Veena's charisma on Pakistani filmdom had begun to fade away. She was known for her vulgar and crude Mujra’s mujra s amongst Pakistan's gossipers.

Controversy keep her afloat, Support from Pakistan’s ex-president Pervez Musharraf and the abuse by ex-boyfriend Mohammad Asif made her a newsmaker. Her talent at mimicry got her honored on Pakistani TV, she did an awesome job at mimicking on Geo TV's extremely popular satire, Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain . None of the viewers wanted to miss her performance, while this show was on air.

After that she started a new show on Dunya TV called Miss Dunya, unfortunately, Veena's TRP ratings failed to notch-up to those of Hum Sub Umeed Say Hai, may be the Geo TV had a better scriptwriter.

Then, she left her Pakistan Duniya and landed in Bigg Boss house. India's gained, Pakistan's lossed. After Bigg Boss get famoused in Pakistan because of Veena, Dunya TV start airing returns of Miss Dunya.

In last episode we saw, Veena Malik was doing kitchen work with housemate Dolly Bindra, and then all of sudden started praising voice of Bigg Boss. By saying “Bigg Boss has amazing tone of voice and she loves the way he modulate his voice,”. After that she gave a weird flying kiss to Bigg Boss. Only Veena knows why has always been doing such insane things. She is skilled of grabbing attention, be it by her seducing massage or her compromising act with Ashmit, for her matrimonial advertisement in Bigg Boss.

Badnami is naam kaise kamaya jaata hai, Ye hoonur Veena ko bade behtar tarike se aata hai!..

-K Himaanshu Shukla..


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