Bigg Boss Elimination Predictions!..

On Monday Bigg Boss come up with new idea of elimination by not revealing the nominated contestants to inmates. Strong player Seema Parihar walked out last weekend, and nominated Khali and Veena Malik.  Ashmit Patel gets maximum nominations, so Ashmit Patel , Khali and Veena Malik are in danger zone.

Three inmates were nominated this week, just three weeks left for Bigg Boss, there will be three more eliminations and three contestants to reach the finale.

Seductress Veena Malik is needed in Bigg Boss, Dale Bhagwagar, Ashmit’s PR is leaving no stone unturned to make him Safe. Veena and Ashmit are much needed to provide some cozy moments in Bigg Boss, which puts TRP’s on Fire. Both will have not much to do without each other.

So Khali has more chances to walk out from the house. And if Khali will go out, he will surely Nominate Sameer Soni(if he gets opportunity). If Kahli remained safe and Veena or Ashmit   walked out, then also they will nominate Sameer. The second week will definitely see the nomination of Sameer Soni.

Veena Malik will be surely in danger zone in the final week, as Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra hate her. So probably Veena may walk out, leaving Ashmit Patel, Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari for the finale.

Loud Bomb Dolly Bindra has huge fan following outside, Ashmit has Bollywood buddies and Dale Bhagwagar, that’s why he is still their in house. Shweta maintained her clean sati savitri image from the day first, and is more eligible for the title, according to me.

So many if and else..we have to wait till 9th January..
-K Himaanshu Shukla..


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