Viveka Babajee...

Life on the fast lane,
The quest for affection, 
Betrayal in love,

and probably the murky and gray side of fashion world,
Drove Viveka…to a untimely end!!!...

The time when we all are sleeping,
dejected depressed Viveka left the world…lonely and silently…

Sad to hear about her unfortunate ill-fated demise...

As now you belong to paradise,
the stars will spell out your name
and you will ever grow in our hearts…

May your soul rest in eternal peace..

-K Himaanshu Meehirs’ Shukla…

Happy B-Day Ekta Ma'am!..

Dear Ekta Ma'am,

God gave a gift to the showbizz world when you were born

Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
You know why?...because you are a special treasure for all that you’ve done.

May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays, and many, many more,


-K Himaanshu Meehirs'Shukla…

How can I speak English fluently and confidently?

How can I talk in English without any fear?

If you are afraid of speaking in English, or you are not able to talk in english fluently, then read below:

Dear Friend, I had a good english writing skill, but I was very much hesitant while speaking. I was afraid of making mistakes. I followed one method which gave me tremendous confidence to speak fluently.

That is, by talking in English as much as possible. Talk with friends, parents (if they are able to talk in english). Forget your mistakes and keep talking. Surely you will get the confidence to speak english soon.

Apart from it, you must do following things to fine tune your english and do proper pronunciation.

1. Read one english news paper daily.
2. Watch one engligh news channel daily.
3. Watch good english movies may be one in a week.
4. Write articles on topics of your interest in your free time.