Udo waha jaha dil kare..!!!....

Kuch to log kahege....
Kuch to wo sochege...
....aur is kehne sochne ke baad...
kuch aur hi samjege...!!!...

Aur fir...apna faisla suna dege...
Par ye hamare upar hai ki hum logo ki ulti seedhi baatein na sune...
Wahi kare jo hamara mann kahe....
jo khud ko achcha lage...duniya gayi bhaad me!!!....
Wahi ude jaha hamara dil ude...

That’s my way…!!!..
-K Himaanshu…

Kya sabko ye sab pata hai...!!!

Hamari life me kitne saare log hai, jinko hum keh sakte hai ki hum unhe jaante hai

Par kya hum unko closly jaante hai?...I mean really really jaante hai?

Jaise ki mumbai me meri pehli padosan friend Akshita(...name changed)
..khadus strict 34 years old school teacher miss Akshita...pata hai unhone shaadi kyun nahi ki...?
Kyuki wo apni school ke Manish sir se pyaar karti hai...
aur aaj tak isi intzaar me hai kab sir unki smile return karege...kab unko miss Akshita se pyaar hoga...

Ya fir hamare purane flat ke karib ke resturant wala Ravi...
Ravi jo aaj bhi dil hi dil me hero banane ke sapne dekhta hai...

And can u beleive it hamare padeosh ke chemist shop ka owner Mr.Ashok...
jise hum pith ke piche 'Samosa' bulate the ek shayar hai....

Aur kya ye pata hai purane office ki Divya(...name changed) office ki stationay churati hai
personal use ke liye nahi...bas aise hi...usse chori ka shauk hai...

Aur meri frnd Shamira(...again name changed) jisko dekh kar lagta hai kamini sukdi ne sirf gajar aur muli khaa kar zindagi kaati hogi...
diet ka natak karte karte apni choti behan Neetu ki choclate chori se khaa leti hai...
Aur Neetu ko lagata hai ki uska khudka dimag fir gaya hai...choclates khaane ke baad bhi yaad nahi choclates kab khaayi...

Ya fir meri best friend Mrs. Kapoor
Jisne zor zor se chilla kar kaha hai
tum duniya ke sabse bade aalsi duffer loser ho...bakwaas karte ho blogs ke through...
Actually secretly meri sabse badi fan hai...
Par wo batane se darti hai kyuki usse lagta hai ki mujhe kabhi uska yakin nahi hoga...

Aur kya aap sab ko ye pata hai...
ki mai Pubs ya DJ parties me tez music se problem ka bahana banata hoo...
Dar to mujhe is baat ka hai ki dance karte dekh kar log mujh par hasege...

Kya sabko ye pata hai ki mai true love me believe karta hoo...
'Mills & Boons' wala...
Shahrukh Khan ki filmo wala jo kehta hai 'sab ke liye koi na koi ek to special bana hai!!!...pehle se book hai'...

Kya sabko ye sab pata hai...I dont think so!!!...
-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...

List of States and Union Territories in India

Here is a list of States and Union Territories in India. The list is sorted in alphabetical order.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
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What I would do Tomorrow..?

Tomorrow is my Birthday!! And I will be another year older!!.. and I am knocking knocking on heaven(...may be Hell) doors!!...

I’ve walked on the surface of this planet for 2 and half decades now.

Honestly...trust me at this moment I feel like a mixed bag of emotions...literally!! what is a birthday without your own people around?... I am far away from home ...I am in Mumbai!! and my family & most of my close friends are not with me, probably they are also as upset as I am ,that I couldn’t be with them...but then again as "Work Is Worship"…. so I will celebrate my b-day with amidst all who are with me with the best of delicacies around...

I shy away from birthday surprises.
I squirm if somebody sings the birthday song for me.
I don't like birthday parties The birthday parties I remember weren't mine.

I persuaded myself to believe that there are better things to do then being bothered with birthday parties.
"Parties are for babies," I would say bitterly!!...

One of my friend asked me what I am planning to do on my birthday? I said when my mom is in the delivery room when I was born. God stood there and said to me, 'Breathe.' So on Friday that is what I will be doing – breathing :).

Cheers :),
-K Himaanshu...
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Belated Happy B-Day to dear Jumping Jack Jeetendra Uncle....

Hope your Birthday is
Just the beginning of
A year
full of happiness…

Love on your Birthday and everyday…

Meehirs' Shukla...

I never have what I love...
I never love what I have …
still I live .....& hope someday I’ll get what I love…

-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...

Blunder in India Todays latest edition...

While turning the pages of latest edition of INDIA TODAY(12th April, 2010 edition) I found something weird. There was an article title THE AFRICAN SAFARI at page no 24. On page no. 27 there was a snap of our Petroleum Minister Murali Deora with Nigerian Petroleum Minister Henry Odein Ajumogobia.

See the snaps below :

(click on image to view enlared version)
See the encircled part…yes that’s our own tricolor in upside down condition. I guess our Petroleum Minister and India Todays Team(that article was written by Saurabh Shukla and Nivedita Mukherjee ) not even noticed that.

I am sending an email or link of this blog to India Todays team hope to see the positive response from their side.

I will not write a huge blog on this…the picture itself says much. Just wanted to raise a question “If we don’t respect our tricolor who will?”.

no cheers this time also...
-K Himaanshu Meehirs' Shukla...

DDLJ reloaded...

I was reading someone’s’ blog where I find a funny ending of blockbuster movie  DDLJ. I hope Soap Queen Ekta Kapoor get inspired by reading this and make a long running Daily Soap based on this.

Simran: ‘nahi Raj nahi, mujhe chhodd kar mat jaao.’

Raj: ‘simran, kya hua jo me tumhe itna chahta hoon, tumhare Baooji itne khoosat hain k unki moti buddhi me kuch ghus hi nahi rha hai.’

Simran: ‘nahi raj nahi, me tumhare bina nahi jee sakti.’

Raj: ‘simran, me jaanta hoon k tumhare alaawa mujhe koi aur nahi dikhta par agar Baooji yahi chahte hain to yahi sahi.’

Baooji: ‘chala ja iss ghar se abhi issi waqt.’

Raj: ‘Baooji, me to aapka dil jeetne aaya tha par ab me kya karu, khaali haath nahi ja sakta na, simran ki chhoti behan hi de dijiye.’

Baooji: ‘dekha laajo, kaisa kameena ladka pasand kiya hai teri beti ne.’

Laajo: ‘hatto ji, aap bhi mera haath aisa hi maang kar laaye the. Meri badi behan ne to mana kar diya tha na aapke liye.’

Baooji: ‘arre haan, ye to me bhool hi gaya tha. Wah raj beta, tum to bilkul mujh par hi gaye ho.’

Raj: ‘Haan Baooji, me aap hi ka beta hoon.’

Baooji: ‘ye kya bakwaas hai ?’

Raj’s mom shabbo enters.

Laajo says: ‘ari shabbo, tu to mar chuki thi na ?’

Shabbo: ‘nahi wo to maine naatak kiya tha. Me to tere London waale doosre bunglow me reh rhi thi aur tere inko to pata bhi nahi laga.’

Laajo: ‘Raj beta, tab to ye shaadi bilkul nahi ho sakti kyuki Simran tumhari behan ho gayi hai.’

Baooji: ‘ laajo, ab jab itna sab kuch ho hi gaya hai to me ye bata doon k simran tumhari beti nahi hai.’

Laajo: ‘ab ye kya nautanki hai??’

Baooji: ‘haan laajo, tujhe ek beta hua tha lekin wo dimaagi roop se paagal lag rha tha isiliye maine paas waale bed se ek beti utha kar tere bed par rkh di aur tera beta utha kar uske bed me rkh diya.’

Simran faints.

Laajo: ‘to fir mera asli beta kaha hai abhi ??’

Baooji: ‘tera beta Rohit mar chukka hai. Uska beta krrish ban gaya hai.’

Laajo: ‘sweet. KOI MIL GAYA’

Raj: ‘to fir baat pakki Baooji??’

Baooji: ‘haan beta, sab pakka.’

Raj’s father enters. He discovers that raj is not his son. He never had a son. He had a daughter, Simran. His wife bought Raj from shabbo in place of his mad son rohit and shabbo sent rohit to play school and never returned to him.

Simran wakes up and faints again.

Baooji says: ‘ bade bade shehro me chhoti chhoti baatein to hoti hi rhti hain.’

Happy ending as usual…

-K Himaanshu Meehirs’ Shukla…