Today 31th December we bid adieu to the year 2010 and welcome the year 2010. Today will be the last elimination from Bigg Boss, three inmates Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari and Sameer Soni. were nominated quite dramatically on Monday week.

Just one more elimination and last days in Bigg Boss as expected are getting more and more fascinating, battle of survival is started, inmates are about up to their necks in their patience waning to an all time low.

According to my one of source, loud mouth Dolly Bindra will be eliminated today on 31st December from Bigg Boss. Gentle guy Sameer and Daily Soap Bahut Shweta is safe.

Other source confirmed that Sameer Soni is eliminated, he lost battle against against good friend Shweta Tiwari and enemy Dolly Bindra. Gentle man Samm bagged the least number of votes and got the boot.

The show has reached its last leg and the battle to become the winner of the fourth season of the show is between The Khali, Dolly Bindra, Ashmit Patel and Shweta Tiwari. Tiwari and Patel were secretly praying for the elimination of Dolly Bindra. However Khali’s gut feeling said that Soni will be evicted amongst the three nominees.

Well this is certainly an eye-opener for all those who had their doubts on the power of public votingAfter Sameer’s elimination Khali, Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari and Ashmit Patel are left in the house. Inmates are tensed for the next nominations.

Wait and watch Sameer’s elimination tonight.

-K Himaanshu Shukla!..

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We bid adieu to the year 2010 and welcome the year 2010, Some of us set new resolutions. A New Year's resolution is a pledge to a personal goal that an we makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, over and over again a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. I don’t make resolutions anymore since every resolution I had made ended up reverting me to do opposite.

I grill the popular Telly Stars on their Resolutions for the New Year. 

Panchi Bora
I have three resolutions : First, I will enjoy life more, I always keep myself busy with work and sometimes over look the small joys around me so this year I want to enjoy life as it comes. I want to enjoy each and every moment. Second,  will be learning something new, I want to learn driving, swimming and other things that I always don’t get time to learn. So this year want to do that. Third, is to help others more,  love to do that but last year just went so fast so got little chance. This year want to take out time and do that more.

 Ashita Dhawan Gulabani
 My new year resolution would be to showcase a complete different side of me(smiles) I will lose weight in the 1st place, so that I can look like my age on TV, and for a change get offers on the glamorous side and remove the bhabhi tag from me,  wooffffff: quite a task na? 

Rohit Verma
 I will not tolerate any nonsense form anyone.

 Karan Sharma
I will give my best in work and in relationships to make it more strong and wishing everyone a very happy new year.

 Prabhleen Sandhu
Well no resolutions are made by me on new year. I just do what I want to without any resolutions.

 Nupur Alankaar
I pledge to save every single drop of water for sake of the World..I will try my level best to b a better human.

Hina Khan
My new year resolution is to make 2011 the most memorable year of my life by putting hard work towards my work, and to take life in new direction by spreading love among people pyar baatte chaloo and stay away from junk food and all the MC Donald’s and KFC’s  in town. I will try my best from this new to eat healthy.

Kanica Maheshwari
My resolution will be faults become thin when love is thick.  So want to make my all relationships thick.  It’s beautiful to grow old like this.

Archana Taide
I’m catholic and going for Sunday mass is mandatory, so my new year resolution for 2011 is that no matter what how much am I busy I will go for Sunday mass. Second resolution will concentrate more on my work and will put in more effort to prove my talent.

Gautam Rode
I applied for a certification from a college in America for Sports Medicine to complete my fitness course this year and I am taking the exams in March. I want to start my own business this year.

Aaradhna Uppal
I don’t really make New year resolutions. I believe if you have to make one, make one TODAY. Don’t need a new YEAR to do so ;-).

Smita Singh
I usually don’t make resolutions because if it gets break means I am cheating myself. But this year I will try lose my weight, oh it’s too much and high time now.

A glad new year to all my friends, to those who hated me, to those who were worried about me, to those who left me and to those who entered my life never left..

Stay Blessed!..
-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa bids adieu to Akhil Kumar

Aries Guy Akhil Kumar will be the one to go this week on the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.  This week Jodis will be dancing in Teen Ka Tadka round, one celebrity joined each Jodis.

 “Teen ka Tadka proved unlucky for Boxer-Akhil. Akhil Kumar will be eliminated from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa this week. He
is in bottom four along with Mahhi Vij, Krushna Abhishek, Meiyang Chang. Ishita Pancal performed with Akhil and Sapna in Teen Ka Tadka round”, according to the source. 

 Other Teen Tadka's:
  • Saloni Daini &  Dayanand Shetty,
  • Nandish Sandhu & Ankita Lokhande,
  • Sarita Joshi &  Krushna Abhishek,
  • Rashmi Desai & Sushant Rajput,
  • Vikrant Massey &  Mahhi Vij,
  • Aishwarya Sakhuja & Yana Gupta,
  • Neha Marda  &  Meiyang Chang
  • Jay Soni &  Ragini Khanna,
  • Vidya Malvade &  Shekhar Suman and
  • Ishita Panchal &  Akhil Kumar.
Sushant Singh performed with Rashmi Desai bags 30 points third time. Sushant-Rashmi performed on ‘Maula Mere’ track. 

Teen Ka Tadka will aired next week.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..!
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Mera Motapa!..

Mai mota hoo raha hoo, mera pet bahar nikalne laga hai, gaal folne lage hai..bahut dino se iss baat ko juthla raha tha, par ab jaanta hoo isse bada sach koi nahi duniya me..

Bahut bahane bana liye ki mai mota kyun hoo raha hoo. Sach to ye hai ki mai atram patram khaata hoo aur dher saara khaata hoo.

Excercise to mere hisab se Hitler ne hi banaya hoga, kyunki insaan ke liye aisi dukhdayak cheez nahi dekhi maine. Mai maanta ho ki meri ye problem hai ki mai exercise nahi kar sakta, par kehte hai na problem maan lo to adha kaam hoo jaata mai maanta ho ki mujhe problem hai exercise karne me..

Pata hai badte hue motape se ladna kina difficult hota hai..Aisa lagta hai jaise apni hi body se dusmani mol li hoo.. :(

Maine toh boss sab try karke dekh liya..ghaas phoos try karke dekha, fir morning walk bhi kiya..yaar mere hisab se ghar par adha pauna ghanta aur sona makes more sense na? ;-).

Excitement me ek torch-er chamber bhi join kiya..torch-er chamber, nahi samje..are matlab GYM :-P. U know 6 mahine ka advance payment bhi kar diya..kabhi kabhi jaata bhi ho..par pata nahi regularly jaane ka chance hi nahi mila :)

Ashtanga, Power Yoga, aayam woh aayam sab karke dekha...

Then Protein diet ye wali diet woh wali diet pata nahi kaun kaun si diets ki..but it didn't work. :(

Ab iss me meri kya galti hai agar mai iss bhokmari aur gym me badan dukhane ki zindagi se behtar vada-pav, samoshe, chattar pattar, parathe with butter prefer karta hoo to?..

Aur subah utha ke kisi park ke gol-gol ghoomne se jayada, ek ghanta aur soo kar sapne dekh kar, aur fir utha kar aaloo ke butter wale parathe khaa kar zinda rehne ka sochta hoo..

Pata hai aap sab sochoge iski tummy ke jaisi iski akal bhi moti lagti hai..hai na?..Par I promise I will try to reduce my tummy..sacchi me I promise..gol-gappa promise ;-)

Khus raho aabaad raho, Mumbai raho ya faridabad raho!..

-K Himaanshu Shukla..
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Happy Birthday Panchi!..

It’s your birthday Panchi!…
A special day not only for you but for all of us!….
You’re another year older!...
Another year wiser!….
And more gorgeous and ravishing for it too!…

You know there is a shortage of sugar in this universe after 27 December,1985.
Because god used all the sugar to make you sweet!...

I had wrapped my heartly wishes filled with love and send you this birthday cheer!…
Have a marvelous birthday, wish your all the happiness in the world!...

-K Himaanshu Shukla!…

Well-known singer Anushka Manchanda left Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa last week, her elimination was shocking. This week yet another grafeful actress will be eliminated, She is good in acting but it seems she is not comfortable in dancing. She played elder sister of Madhuri Dixit in an blockbuster film, yes you guessed it right, she is Renuka Shahane.

Renuka Shahane has charismatic smile but not able to dance very well is the  is the second contestant to walk out from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Last week she performed on Guzaarish song with his choreographer Jai Kumar Nair. She was not able to appeal to the judges.  Renuka was not able to carry her heavy outfit properly, they did Tango. Renuka and Jai were not looking gracefully while performing as Bajirao Mastani, and that ends there journey in the show. Renuka was in the bottom two with Mahhi Vij.

Sweet looking lady Ragini Khanna got the first Best Performer of the Day Award , she performed on a Tollywood number. Sushant Singh performed on Chao Folk dance and again won the Best Performer of the Day Award.

Pavitra Rishta fame Ankita Lokhande performed on a Rajasthani folk number, where as Vrushali did a Folk Bhangra and Ankita’s performance was appreciated by the judges.

Renuka’s elimination will be aired on Monday.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

Today 24th December, third last elimination day, three inmates were nominated on Monday week. There will be two more eliminations and just two weeks left for Bigg Boss. This week sultry Veena Malik, flamboyant Ashmit Patel and Slow Turtle Khali are in danger zone.

Colors received fresh notice from government to shift the show from prime time to late night slot. Currently  Veena Malik and Dolly Bindra are making big boss a vulgar house. Dolly is well known for his loud voice, cat-fights, abusive behavior. Veena being a seductress is famous for his vulgar acts. Even Pakistani actress Meera shows her disappointment towards Veena in her recent interview.

In yesterdays episode we saw Veena spinning is an indecent manner, but, the camera was blocking majority of Veena’s act. Sameer Soni then described it in words and completed “it’s just for camera.”

Veena Malik will walk out today, her SEX-INTEREST Ashmit Patel and Khali are safe. Just got the confirmation from my sources that Veena Malik evicted today.

Bigg Boss viewers has had enough of Veena’s seducing performances, hope the Santa take away Veena Malik and drop her somewhere outside India.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..