What is a web browser:
A web browser is a software application through which a person can access internet. we can surf the internet, we can listen to music, watch videos, share files, send and receive mails , do online chat and accomplish many more tasks through browsers.

Give some example of web browsers:
Some of the most popular web browsers are
1. Microsoft's Internet Explorer
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla's Firefox
4. Opera
5. Mac Safari

Which one is the fastest browser:
Google Chrome
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1. Don't join any internet money making site which claims that you can make thousands in 5 minute or a day.
2. Secondly don't join any paid program. All are scams.
Yes, You can open more than one Dmat account in different banks. But in same bank, you can have only one Dmat account.

If you have a Dmat account in ICICI Bank now, you can open another account in SBI. It's legal.

Note: You need a PAN number for opening a Dmat account. It's mandatory.
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